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2022 GHPOA Officer Elections

The GHPOA Board has elected the following Directors to serve as Officers during 2022:

President – Marie Ippolito, Admirals Pointe

Vice President – Randy Frisk, Masthead I

Secretary – Margie Brown, Crossing South

Treasurer – George “Tad” Bristow, Beam Reach

Contact information for all Directors and our management company is available on our website,, under the “Contact Us” link (upper right).


Geist Patrol Names 2021 “Officer of the Year”

Please join in congratulating six-year Geist Patrol employee, Officer Jon Clark, who has just been named Geist Patrol’s 2021 “Officer of the Year.”


Officer Clark primarily patrols GHPOA during the night shift. He has been a steadfast presence protecting peoples’ homes and property during the hours we all sleep. He is credited with several arrests, several citizen compliments, and has been recognized by the command staff on many occasions for deeds well done.


Tony Craig, Director of Operations, states “Officer Clark is a major asset to our agency, and he is an outstanding Police Officer.

2022 GHPOA Election Results

GHPOA is pleased to announce the election results from this year’s election:

  • Admirals Bay – Gus Levengood
  • Admirals Woods – Ken Kaiser
  • Masthead II – Ryan Lee

Unfortunately, no property owner ran for Director for Feather Cove II.  Any Feather Cove II property owner interested in serving as Director is asked to contact our Community Manager, Megan Lucas, at

An Important Announcement for Feather Cove II Property Owners!

For the past several years, Linda Esposito has served as your Director on the GHPOA Board of Directors.  Linda has been a dedicated and conscientious Director who also served as our Secretary.  Linda has decided not to run for election.  Linda’s services will be greatly missed by the Board.

At this time, no Feather Cove II property owner has volunteered to run to represent your community on the GHPOA Board. 

Feather Cove II deserves to have representation on the GHPOA Board.  The Board meets on the 3rd Monday of each month from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Indianapolis Yacht Club.  In addition to attending monthly meetings, all Directors deliver welcome packets to new residents moving into their community.  Directors may also choose to volunteer to serve on a committee.

If you have an interest in volunteering to run for the office of Director for Feather Cove II, please contact our Community Manager, Megan Lucas, at

Thank you.


Your GHPOA Board of Directors

New GHPOA Directors Appointed!

Due to the mid-term resignation of two Directors, your board has approved the appointment of Becky Pearce to represent Admirals Sound and Margie Brown to represent Crossing South.  Our thanks and appreciation to Becky and Margie for volunteering to serve their communities.  Contact information for all GHPOA Board Directors is available on our website,, under the “Contact Us” link.

A Courtesy Reminder

Contractor Yard Signs Are Not Permitted!

An increasing number of yard signs are being displayed on GHPOA properties, and some properties are displaying multiple signs.

Per our governing documents, contractor yard signs are not permitted.

Your Board asks for your support and cooperation in maintaining the appearance of our communities by removing all contractor yard signs.

Thank you.