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Summer Landscaping Tips!

The heat is already here and the official day for summer is right around the corner! We reached out to our landscaper Tim Guimont, from Tim’s Landscaping, for some helpful tips and information to share. Check these out!

  • Compost is the best fertilizer for your small trees and shrubs. It encourages more even growth than chemical fertilizer and lasts longer as well. Pull away any mulch from the base of the tree or shrub and place a ring of compost around the plant. For shrubs, make a ring that is the same circumference as the outer foliage of the plant, about 2-3” thick. Favorite compost to use? Marks Mix! You can find this mix at Indiana Mulch and Stone off of Pendleton Pike.
  • Make sure your lawn gets about an inch of water per week for optimal turf health during the hot summer. Avoid watering during the heat of the day. It’s best to water early in the morning before sunrise. Water your lawn deep once or twice per week if you don’t have a sprinkler system.
  • For the most common turf species in our area, it’s best to cut your lawn on a higher setting during the hot summer months. This helps to retain moisture in the soil and keeps your lawn green during dry spells.
  • If you’re looking for low maintenance annual flowers, try vinca. These are the purple, red, pink, and white flowers planted at all of our Geist Harbours entrances. They are drought resistant so you won’t have to water them as much and deer and rabbits don’t eat them. Feed with miracle grow every 7-14 days for colorful blooms until October.

Please Obey Traffic Laws or Risk Being Ticketed!

Your GHPOA Board continues to receive an escalating number of complaints from residents who have expressed concerns about unsafe driving on our streets.  These complaints are focused on three specific violations:

  • Failing to stop to for school buses while they are loading or unloading children.
  • Speeding
  • Rolling through stop signs

In addition, a pedestrian was almost struck on Old Stone Drive which emphasizes the serious nature of this situation.

Your Board has responded to these complaints by partnering with Geist Patrol who have increased patrols on our streets and increased use of their digital speed sign.  In addition, posts have been made on our website, Facebook page and reminder announcements have been sent to residents who are registered on TownSq.

Regrettably, these initiatives have not been sufficient, and these traffic violations continue to occur.

While we continue to ask for the cooperation of all property owners to keep our streets safe, please note that additional traffic enforcement Officers will begin patrolling our streets and will issue citations when warranted.

These citations are expensive. Illegally passing a school bus while its stop arm is extended could result in a fine of up to $5,000.  In addition, a driver could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor which is punishable by up to one year in jail.  Also, points assigned to your license may result in increased auto insurance premiums.

We appeal to each resident to SLOW DOWN and OBEY THE LAW.

July 4th “Blast on the Bridge” Reinstated!

Subsequent to the City of Fishers announcing the rescheduling of this event to September 11th and GHPOA publishing this date in our newsletter and on the Internet, Sarah Sandquest, Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Fishers, has published a reversal of this decision.  The following is an excerpt from her publication:

“…A few months ago, a number of us met and decided to move the Blast on the Bridge event to the Fall, this year on 9/11/21. Additionally, Fishers Parks is planning to shoot fireworks from multiple locations around the City with the intent that residents would have options on where they celebrate and view fireworks on the 4th. Geist Waterfront park is the firing location for the East side of Fishers including residents who live on Geist.

Although we were planning to honor and remember the tragic events that took place 20 years ago, shooting fireworks on 9/11 is not appropriate. We have decided to add a 3rd firing location on 7/4 from the barge at Fall Creek Bridge. The bridge will remain open to vehicular traffic and the viewing area will be encouraged to be from your residence, from a boat in the water, or (pending approval) from Holy Spirit or the Yacht Club. Fishers PD and FD are prepared to staff the bridge appropriately in the case it is overwhelmed by pedestrians. I am optimistic with 3 viewing areas throughout the city and no additional activities taking place on bridge that we will not have an issue with crowds.”

Graduation Yard Signs

In support of all of our graduates, the GHPOA Board is pleased to announce the suspension of the regulation prohibiting graduation yard signs from May 1st through June 30th. Please note that all other yard signs (with the exception of one real estate for sale sign), continue to be prohibited.


Garage Sale! Early Bird Reminder

Our annual community garage sale will be held Friday and Saturday, June 4th and 5th from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.

How to Report Potholes

Potholes are a danger to cars, bike and motorcycle riders, as well as creating a negative appearance to the city-owned streets in our Association.  We are asking for the support and assistance of all residents to report potholes.

City of Indianapolis

Here’s a link where you may report postholes online:

You may also phone 317-327-4622

City of Fishers

Here’s a link:

Fill in the address closest to the pothole and a form will appear.

City of Lawrence

Please call 317-545-6191 and select option 4.

PLEASE Drive Safely!

GHPOA is asking for your support and cooperation in obeying the speed limits and stop signs on the streets of our Association. Spring means an increase in joggers, bike riders, and children playing. In addition, failing to stop may cause an accident with another car. PLEASE obey the law and drive safely. Thank you!

A Good Neighbor Reminder

While we all cherish our family pets, we ask for your cooperation in making sure that you don’t allow your cats and dogs to roam free within GHPOA and you consistently clean up after them while they are walking with you.  Thanks for being respectful of your neighbors’ lawns and sidewalks!

Road Closure March 24th! Bridge Beam Deliver March 25th and 26th

Road Closure March 24th!   Bridge Beam Deliver March 25th and 26th.

Road Closure March 24th!  The City of Indianapolis has just advised GHPOA that starting tomorrowstrip patching will be done on East 86th Street that will have an impact to traffic from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Bridge Beam Delivery!  On March 25th and 26th, traffic will see a slight impact when the contractor accepts delivery of steel bridge beams for the replacement bridge on Admirals Pointe Drive.

GHPOA April Board Meeting

The Board Meeting will be held Monday, April 19th, from 6 to 8 p.m.  Please note that the public portion of this meeting will begin at 7 p.m.