Geist Harbours Property Owners Association maintains approximately seventy entrance monuments and signs. In addition, the Association is responsible for the maintenance of all signs and poles located in the Association, including street signs, speed limit signs, children at play, etc. The Association maintains approximately ten acres of land, including the grass and flower beds surrounding our entrance signs and monuments. The Association is also responsible for maintenance and repair of dozens of irrigation systems and for the electrical wiring and equipment which illuminates dozens of the Association’s signs.

Geist Lake

Containing over 6 billion gallons of water, this 1,900-acre lake is the second largest artificial lake in Indiana.  Spanning three counties, it provides GHPOA residents with an opportunity to participate in many water oriented recreational activities.

Those residents who do not have direct access to the lake may launch their boats from the boat ramp on Olio Road.  Sailboats may launch from the Geist Marina.  Boat slips, pontoon boats and kayaks are also available for rental.  The Indianapolis Sailing Club, Indianapolis Yacht Club and the Marina Limited Partnership web sites contain more information.  Please explore the following links:


Swimming is permitted in Geist Lake, and residents may participate in this while boating.  In addition, many residents also join the Indianapolis Yacht Club and utilize their pool.  In ground pools are a popular amenity in GHPOA homes. (Please note that an in ground pool installation requires approval of your homeowner association board.  GHPOA Covenants & Restrictions prohibit above ground pools.)

Fishing and Hunting

The State of Indiana requires a license for fishing and hunting.

Fishing is permitted in Geist Reservoir.

Citizens Energy Group (CEG) owns the reservoir, a 20-foot shoreline easement and land by the dam. In the interest of public safety, CEG has implemented a no trespassing ban for the purpose of hunting on Geist Reservoir and surrounding land that they own. GHPOA residents hearing gunshots or seeing hunters may call Geist Patrol at 317-842-8082 to facilitate enforcement

The following link provides information on how to obtain a fishing or hunting license:

Walking, Nature Trails and Parks

Our area has an abundance of wild life (including American bald eagles, red tailed hawks, blue herons, deer, rabbits, and red squirrels to name just a few).  GHPOA has financially supported efforts to create walking/jogging paths to enhance our community.  An internet search of walking paths, nature trails and parks around Geist Lake will produce numerous web sites that provide in-depth information.

Snow Removal

GHPOA provides snow removal service in the community.  When snowfall reaches 2 inches or more, private contractors work to remove the snow as quickly as possible.  In addition, intersections and roads known to be especially susceptible to ice and snow are given special attention.

Neighborhood Security

Our residents enjoy security provided by Geist Patrol uniformed Officers. These armed Officers are graduates of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and have full policing powers.  You can call the Officer(s) on duty at any time to report a suspicious vehicle or person, encounter solicitors, or have security questions. They also provide vacation checks on your home when requested.  We encourage you to visit their web site, register and then login to review the many services they provide: