Community Management

Board of Directors

Each of the 12 communities that comprise GHPOA is represented by a volunteer Director who is elected for a three-year term.  Each Director is a property owner in the community they represent.  The officers of the Association shall be a President and Vice President, who shall at all times be members of the Board, a Secretary and a Treasurer, who may or may not be Directors.  The election of officers takes place at the first Board meeting following the annual meeting of members.  In addition, pursuant to the Amended and Restated By-Laws, the Board may appoint and elect such officers as the affairs of the association require. 

All Board Members are insured and bonded, and are required to sign a Statement of Conduct and a Conflicts of Interest policy.    Contact information for all Board Members is listed under the “Contact Us” link on our home page.


The board has formed a number of committees who are charged with specific responsibilities.  Residents may volunteer to serve their community on any of these committees. These committees include Communications, Development Control, Grounds, Infrastructure, Security, Social and Welcome. To learn more about these committees or to volunteer to serve on any committee, please contact your GHPOA Director or message us on our Facebook Page, Geist Harbours.

Property Management Company

As with any large homeowner association, your GHPOA Board of Directors, acting on behalf of the homeowners, employs a homeowner property management company to handle administrative issues.  The Board follows best practices when the contract is up for renewal; – sending out RFP’s, conducting interviews, and negotiating the terms of the contract.  Associa® Community Association Services of Indiana (CASI) is our current management company.

Services which the management company provide include accounts payable and receivable; planning, scheduling and attending board meetings and the annual meeting; responding to residents’ requests for assistance; handling all community mailings; weekly community inspections; coordinating legal action when required; review and follow up of all Developmental Control Review Applications (for exterior home improvement/replacement projects); providing guidance on Indiana HOA laws; assisting with budget preparation and much more.


The GHPOA Board meets once each month for a two-hour meeting.  Special meetings are scheduled as needed.  Executive Sessions of the Board may be called at any time, with or without notice, at the discretion of the Board.

Except for Executive Sessions, all GHPOA Board and Special Meetings are open to lot owners (subject to room availability).   Lot owners wishing to speak before the Board are asked to review two (2) policies; – Open Meeting Policy and Executive Session Policy (adopted December 15, 2008) and GHPOA Policy on Speaking Before the Board of Directors (approved June 21, 2021).  Both of these policies are available for review on this website under the “Governing Documents and Policies” tab.  In addition, lot owners are asked to contact our Property Manager, Meghan Lucas, at 317-875-5600 to RSVP their attendance and to obtain pre-approval should they wish to speak at the meeting.

The dates and times for all meetings are published under the “Events” tab on this web site and on our Facebook page, Geist Harbours.  Due to privacy laws, Board Executive Sessions that involve discussions of legal issues between GHPOA and their lot owners (such as unpaid dues) are not open to the public.  The GHPOA Board follows parliamentary procedure (Roberts Rules of Order) during their meetings.

The GHPOA Annual Meeting is held in January.  All lot owners are mailed a written notice of the annual meeting, including ballots & other material, and may speak or ask questions in an open forum.

Lot owners are encouraged to contact their elected Director or any Board Officer with ideas, concerns or suggestions. Contact information for all Board Members is provided under the “Contact Us” tab of this web site.