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Geist Patrol

Providing peace of mind and security, Geist Patrol is under contract with GHPOA to provide dedicated cars that only patrol our twelve communities 24/7/365. These armed Officers are Certified Graduates of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy with full law enforcement powers. These Police Officers quickly respond to any call for assistance from our residents, and partner with local law enforcement as needed. Because cars assigned patrol duty within GHPOA only patrol within our communities (except if they receive an emergency local request for assistance from IMPD, the Fishers Police, etc.), Geist Patrol often can respond to a medical emergency more quickly than an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and, therefore, GHPOA has provided each Geist Patrol car with an automatic external defibrillator (AED). In addition, the patrol cars also carry Narcan (which works to reverse a drug overdose).

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In addition to patrolling all GHPOA streets 24/7/365 and responding to calls for assistance from our residents, the Professional Law Enforcement Officers of Geist Patrol provide many other services:

 • Vacation checks on your home

• Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) checks for vehicles and watercraft

• Lock out assistance for your vehicle

• Narcan for use in a drug overdose

• Defibrillator for use with heart fibrillation

• Vehicle jumpstarts

• Assistance in removing abandoned and junk vehicles


We encourage you to visit their website,, and contact them at any time for assistance at 317-842-8082.


Their community policing, combined with your support, enables our Association to be consistently identified as one of the safest in the area.