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Voting for Amendment Issue Ends

Voting for Amendment Issue Ends

Voting for the amendment to the GHPOA Declaration of Restrictions ended on Oct 31,2020.

The amendment was to add language to the Declaration which would clarify the proper procedures for changing the Declaration in the future. Specifically, the amendment would have lowered the percentage of votes necessary to make any changes to our Declaration which was adopted in 1979, and has become outdated. Any change currently requires 75% of the membership to approve. With a community of 2380 residents, this would be approval from 1785 residents.   The Board proposed this amendment in an effort to allow the community to be able to achieve having updated and relevant governing documents. These would provide a more conducive environment to protect the value of our community.

Unfortunately, the measure failed.  The final vote on this amendment was 772 in favor to 311 opposed, far short of the 1785 votes required.  We believe there were a number of reasons why this amendment was not sufficiently supported by our residents, many having to do with incorrect interpretations of the goal of the effort, despite the Board’s best efforts to provide correct information. This in turn created inaccurate messaging on social media which greatly hurt the effort. The Board will continue to look for ways to try to update our governing documents in an effort to fulfill our responsibility of protecting and enhancing property values.

Geist Patrol Safety Reminder…

Geist Patrol Safety Reminder…

Don’t be a victim of a crime of opportunity!

With the holidays approaching, the Officers of Geist Patrol have asked us to post the following reminder:

  • Lock all vehicles parked outside and remove all valuables.
  • Use exterior lighting from dusk to dawn.
  • Close and lock your garage door and the door from the garage to your home.
  • Use your security system.
  • Expecting a package delivery? Try to coordinate delivery when you will be home or ask a neighbor to collect the package and store it for you.

While we do live in a safe community, please immediately contact Geist Patrol (317-842-8082) to report any suspicious person, vehicle or activity.

Here Comes Santa

“Here Comes Santa” Parade on Saturday, November 28th, from 1 to 4 p.m.

Spreading holiday cheer and escorted by Geist Patrol, Santa and his elves will be driving through major GHPOA streets!

“Here Comes Santa” Parade Route

Saturday, November 28th, Beginning at 1:00 pm

A Special Note to our Masthead I and II Residents – Unfortunately, the beautiful streets contained in your developments do not offer any long through streets suitable for a parade route.  Therefore, we encourage you to view Santa and his elves from whatever viewing area is most convenient.

 Important Reminder! 

Escorted by Geist Patrol, it is anticipated that Santa and his elves will begin the parade at 1 pm.  The parade will be moving at approximately 3-5 mph.  Please note that the start time in your community is a best estimate.   Therefore, we encourage you to arrive early to secure a parking place along the parade route.

Section I (Admirals Bay, Admirals Pointe, Admirals Sound, Admirals Woods, Crossing South and Diamond Pointe) – (Estimated start time 1:00 pm)

Turn of Carroll Road onto Old Stone Drive.  Follow Old Stone Drive to Admirals Bay Drive.  Turn Right.  Follow until Anchorage Drive. Turn left and follow until Old Stone Drive.  Turn right and follow Old Stone Drive until Promontory Road.  Turn right and follow to Admirals Ponte Drive.  Turn left and follow Admirals Pointe Drive to Old Stone Drive.  Turn right on Old Stone Drive and follow until it “T” intersects at Woods Bay Lane.  Turn right and follow road back to Old Stone Drive.  Turn left on Old Stone Drive and Continue to Admirals Woods Drive.  Turn right and follow to the end of cul-de-sac.  Reverse direction and return to Old Stone Drive.  Turn right and continue to Promontory Road.  Turn right and follow across to Crossing South.  Follow Promontory Road until cul-de-sac ends and return to 86th Street. Exit and proceed to the entrance to Feather Cove III.

Section II (Feather Cove III) – (Estimated start time 2:00 pm)

Turn off Oaklandon Road onto Tidewater.  Follow Tidewater until it “T” intersects at Seafan.  Turn right and proceed to the end of the cul-de-sac.  Reverse direction and cross Tidewater and follow street to the end of cul-de-sac.  Reverse direction and exit via Tidewater back to Oaklandon Road.

Section III (Feather Cove II) – (Estimated start time 2:15 pm)

Turn off Oaklandon Road onto Windhaven Blvd. and proceed at normal speed until the road “T” intersects with Twin Pointe Circle.  Turn right onto Twin Pointe Circle and follow to the end of the cul-de-sac.  Reverse direction, crossing Windhaven Blvd., and follow to the other end of the cul-de-sac.  Reverse direction and exit via Windhaven Blvd.  Proceed to Halyard via Fox Road.

Section IV (Feather Cove I) – (Estimated start time 2:30 pm)

Enter Halyard from Fox Road.  Follow Halyard until it curves and becomes Skipjack.  Follow Skipjack to Bowline.  Turn right and follow Bowline to Courageous Drive.  Turn right onto Courageous and follow to 79th Street.


Section V (Beam Reach) – (Estimated start time 3:15 pm)


Proceed to Fall Creek Road and turn left onto Swiftsail Lane.  Follow Swiftsail as it curves to become Fathom Crest. Continue to follow until it becomes Stormhaven Way.  Exit on to Fall Creek Road.

Yard Signs

As you may know, the GHPOA governing documents include a covenant stating that signs or advertisements cannot be displayed on any lot in the development. Political signs are an exception to this rule, and their use is governed by State statute.  

Earlier this Spring, due to Covid-19, residents expressed a desire to be able to display signage related to the pandemic including health care worker support and recognition for students who were graduating without the usual ceremony. In response, and in an effort to be sensitive to the significance and importance of these signs to residents, the GHPOA Board paused the enforcement of signage which relates to Covid-19 and its impact on individuals through the end of August. Contractor signs were still not permitted to be displayed. This suspension period will soon expire, and the Board has voted to reinstate our usual enforcement for yard signs, effective Sept 1. We hope that the break from sign enforcement has provided your family with an opportunity to express meaningful support for topics of importance during this unusual time.

Thank you.

GHPOA Board of Directors

GHPOA Garage Sale

GHPOA is pleased to announce the dates for our annual Garage Sale. This event has been rescheduled from the usual June date. The event will be held on Friday and Saturday, Sept 18 and 19, from 8am-4pm. Signage will be placed in all 12 of our neighborhoods advertising the event, and a newspaper ad will be placed in the Indianapolis Star. All residents are invited to participate in their individual neighborhoods, and it is suggested that Covid-19 guidelines be followed. This has always been a popular event in GHPOA with good participation. We hope that residents find this to be a welcome opportunity to clean out closets and garages and sell some unwanted items.

July 4th – GHPOA Independence Day American Flag Display

GHPOA wishes to thank Patrick Tumbarello, Admirals Sound resident who serves our nation in the Indiana National Guard and is an F. C. Tucker Broker/Realtor, for his generous Gold Sponsor donation of $1,000 which is enabling us to display approximately 600 American flags in honor of our 244th Independence Day.  Flags will be displayed at all GHPOA entrances.

GHPOA Annual Garage Sale Postponed!

Our annual garage sale, which was scheduled for June 5th and 6th, has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and concerns over social distancing guidelines.  GHPOA hopes to hold this event in the fall.  GHPOA will advise our residents as soon as possible when new dates have been established.

Yard Signs

The GHPOA governing documents include a covenant which does not allow for signs and advertisements to be displayed on any lot in the development.  We have routinely sent letters of notification to residents who do not comply with this covenant, consistent with our responsibility to do so. Over the past two months with the Covid- 19 pandemic, we have been sympathetic to our current circumstances and allowed some latitude with displays in yards including signs, holiday décor, and other items of support in an effort to be sensitive to residents’ needs during this very difficult time.  However, in May, the appearance of signs increased dramatically, and we began to receive calls from residents asking why the sign covenant was not being enforced. In an effort to enforce our covenants fairly and uniformly, notification letters began to be sent. Over the past few days we have received many phone calls from residents expressing their dissatisfaction with our request to remove signs. It became very apparent that this request was quite upsetting to many of our residents who were showing support for loved ones, and for that we apologize.

We believe that we underestimated the significance and importance of these sign displays to our residents, and apologize if our actions appeared to be insensitive and uncaring. Please understand that was not our intention. We were simply trying to discharge our responsibility of covenant enforcement to the best of our ability.  We now believe that taking a pause on enforcing this particular covenant is necessary during this unprecedented time.  Moving forward, we will not be sending notification letters for sign displays in homeowner’s yards which relate to Covid-19 and its impact on individuals through the end of August, at which time we will reassess the situation. Other signs, including contractor signs and political signs outside of the election period, will continue to receive notification letters.  Please accept our sincere regret for any distress our actions may have caused you.  If you have received a notification letter in the mail for a Covid-19 related sign, please disregard it.

Thank you

GHPOA Board of Directors

Admirals Sound Director Appointed…

GHPOA is pleased to announce that Dorothy Yundt has been appointed as the Director for Admirals Sound. Dorothy replaces Bob Hittle, who resigned his position in March. Dorothy will serve out the remainder of the 3 year term for Admirals Sound, which runs until 1/19/2021. You may contact her at We invite residents to join us in welcoming Dorothy, and in thanking Bob for his service on the GHPOA Board for many years.