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New GHPOA Directors Appointed!

Due to the mid-term resignation of two Directors, your board has approved the appointment of Becky Pearce to represent Admirals Sound and Margie Brown to represent Crossing South.  Our thanks and appreciation to Becky and Margie for volunteering to serve their communities.  Contact information for all GHPOA Board Directors is available on our website,, under the “Contact Us” link.

A Courtesy Reminder

Contractor Yard Signs Are Not Permitted!

An increasing number of yard signs are being displayed on GHPOA properties, and some properties are displaying multiple signs.

Per our governing documents, contractor yard signs are not permitted.

Your Board asks for your support and cooperation in maintaining the appearance of our communities by removing all contractor yard signs.

Thank you.

A Courtesy Notice From GHPOA

Regular Overnight Street Parking is Prohibited on Our Streets!

Please be a good neighbor and comply with our regulation which prohibits regular overnight street parking of vehicles on our streets.

Parking your vehicle(s) in your driveway or garage is a courtesy to your neighbor, minimizes the opportunity for a vehicle break-in and also facilitates snow removal.

Also, please be courteous to your neighbors and pull forward into your driveway so as not to block the sidewalk with any vehicle.

Questions? Please visit and select “Contact Us.”

Thank you for your cooperation.

Your GHPOA Board of Directors

Celebrate America Flag Display

GHPOA wishes to thank Admirals Sound resident and F. C. Tucker Broker/Realtor, Patrick Tumbarello, for his generous donation which has enabled us to display 600 American flags at all 61 of our entrances in honor of July 4th.

The long-awaited new Admirals bridge is now open!

While additional repaving needs to be done on the entrance ramps, construction signs removed, and lines painted, the bridge is open for traffic. This accomplishment was the result of many GHPOA Directors who worked for years with the City of Indianapolis to push for the old bridge to be replaced. In addition, numerous residents took the time to call the City and request the replacement of the old wooden superstructure. Our thanks to all who worked to accomplish this goal!

An Important Reminder About Protecting Your Family Pets

While the natural beauty of our area is a valued amenity, we do have many birds of prey, fox, coyote, raccoons, etc. living in all 12 GHPOA communities. We encourage you not to leave small family pets outside unattended. Thanks!

Geist Patrol… Real Police. Real Security. Real Peace of Mind.

The major portion of our GHPOA dues is designated to the services provided by Geist Patrol. These are not security officers but armed Professional Law Enforcement Officers who are graduates of the State of Indiana Law Enforcement Academy with full policing power. As stated in our governing documents, GHPOA is required to provide security for the Association. The services provided by Geist Patrol enable GHPOA communities to be among the safest in our area.
In addition to patrolling all 12 GHPOA communities 24/7/365 and responding to calls from residents who need police assistance, Geist Patrol also provides the following additional services:
• Daily vacation checks for your home.
• VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Checks.
• In the event of a medical emergency, Geist Patrol cars carry Narcan which reverses the effects of a drug overdose.
• GHPOA has provided each patrol car with a defibrillator which Geist Patrol Officers are trained to use.
• Complimentary battery jump starts.
• When you call Geist Patrol (317-842-8082), you will immediately speak with a Professional Law Enforcement Officer and not a dispatcher.
• Assistance in reuniting pets with their owners.
• Rapid response time.
• Extra security as needed (including July 4th and Halloween).
• Provide GHPOA with timely security updates.
• Convenient Office Location on Fall Creek Road (at Holy Spirit at Geist Church Entrance)
The Officers of Geist Patrol welcome opportunities to get to know GHPOA residents. In addition, they encourage you to visit their website, and register.

Security Alert!

Geist Patrol has been advised by local law enforcement that a male suspect has been observed in the general area posing as a utility worker and seeking access to homes.  Geist Patrol reminds all GHPOA residents not to open your door to any individual who claims to be a utility worker unless you see both a marked utility vehicle and proper identification.  As always, should you observe any suspicious behavior, please immediately call Geist Patrol at 317-842-8082.