July 4th “Blast on the Bridge” Reinstated!

Subsequent to the City of Fishers announcing the rescheduling of this event to September 11th and GHPOA publishing this date in our newsletter and on the Internet, Sarah Sandquest, Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Fishers, has published a reversal of this decision.  The following is an excerpt from her publication:

“…A few months ago, a number of us met and decided to move the Blast on the Bridge event to the Fall, this year on 9/11/21. Additionally, Fishers Parks is planning to shoot fireworks from multiple locations around the City with the intent that residents would have options on where they celebrate and view fireworks on the 4th. Geist Waterfront park is the firing location for the East side of Fishers including residents who live on Geist.

Although we were planning to honor and remember the tragic events that took place 20 years ago, shooting fireworks on 9/11 is not appropriate. We have decided to add a 3rd firing location on 7/4 from the barge at Fall Creek Bridge. The bridge will remain open to vehicular traffic and the viewing area will be encouraged to be from your residence, from a boat in the water, or (pending approval) from Holy Spirit or the Yacht Club. Fishers PD and FD are prepared to staff the bridge appropriately in the case it is overwhelmed by pedestrians. I am optimistic with 3 viewing areas throughout the city and no additional activities taking place on bridge that we will not have an issue with crowds.”