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Security – A Shared Responsibility!

Security – A Shared Responsibility!

With almost 2,400 homes and an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 residents, our Association is about the size of an average American small town.

While Geist Patrol Officers are armed and have full police powers, they do not have the ability to act in certain situations unless they receive a call asking for assistance.  A resident must call 911 or Geist Patrol and request an Officer be dispatched to investigate.

Here are some steps we can all take to keep GHPOA safe:

  • Immediately call Geist Patrol at 317-842-8082 to report any suspicious activity, vehicle or person. The Geist Patrol phone is answered 24/7/365.
  • Vacant homes are easy targets for burglars or trespassing. Please call Geist Patrol and notify the Officers if there is a vacant home in your neighborhood. Geist Patrol can schedule extra patrols.
  • Take advantage of Geist Patrol’s daily vacation check when you are going out of town. If you have not already done so, visit and register. Once registered you can visit the homeowner portal and complete the form for daily vacation checks, receive security updates and more.
  • Regularly utilize exterior lights, motion detectors, security alarms and video cameras if these are available.
  • Consider putting timers on interior lights.
  • Lock vehicles parked in your driveway and remove all valuables. 
  • Lock the door from your garage to your home.
  • Program a unique garage pad code. Don’t leave it on the factory set numbers.
  • Stop mail and newspaper deliveries if you are going out of town.
  • Arrange for a friend or neighbor to check for packages.

While the homes in our Association continue to be among the safest in Indianapolis, looking out for each other and immediately contacting Geist Patrol are steps we can all take to minimize crime in our 12 neighborhoods.


GHPOA continues to have an ongoing problem with vehicles speeding and failing to stop at stop signs.

 Geist Patrol regularly does traffic enforcement. Last month over 2 dozen tickets were issued for speeding (almost 50 mph in some instances) and failing to stop at stop signs. Over 90% of these tickets were issued to our residents. These tickets result is fines and points.


School will be starting soon. We ask for your cooperation in obeying the speed limit and coming to a full stop at stop signs.


Thank you!

Swimming Pool Safety Reminder

Important Swimming Pool Safety Reminder!

Use of Auto Pool Covers

Many of our property owners select an auto pool cover instead of a fence. This is a legal option. However, please note that when a pool is not in use and there is no fence, per code in Fishers, Indianapolis and Lawrence, the auto cover must be closed as an open pool is a safety risk.

Violations may be reported as follows:

To report to Lawrence it can be done via their website at
or by phone at 317-545-6191.
To report to Fishers it can be done via their website at
or by phone at 317-595-3120.
To report to Indianapolis, it can be done by calling 317-327-8700.

Contacting Geist Patrol on Monday, April 4th!

Geist Patrol is upgrading their phone system on the above date.

Between approximately 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., their main phone number will not be in service.

If you need to reach them during this time, please call (317) 432-3835.  You will be connected to the Officer on Patrol in the South Car.


Thank you.


2022 GHPOA Officer Elections

The GHPOA Board has elected the following Directors to serve as Officers during 2022:

President – Marie Ippolito, Admirals Pointe

Vice President – Randy Frisk, Masthead I

Secretary – Margie Brown, Crossing South

Treasurer – George “Tad” Bristow, Beam Reach

Contact information for all Directors and our management company is available on our website,, under the “Contact Us” link (upper right).