The GHPOA governing documents include a covenant which does not allow for signs and advertisements to be displayed on any lot in the development.  We have routinely sent letters of notification to residents who do not comply with this covenant, consistent with our responsibility to do so. Over the past two months with the Covid- 19 pandemic, we have been sympathetic to our current circumstances and allowed some latitude with displays in yards including signs, holiday décor, and other items of support in an effort to be sensitive to residents’ needs during this very difficult time.  However, in May, the appearance of signs increased dramatically, and we began to receive calls from residents asking why the sign covenant was not being enforced. In an effort to enforce our covenants fairly and uniformly, notification letters began to be sent. Over the past few days we have received many phone calls from residents expressing their dissatisfaction with our request to remove signs. It became very apparent that this request was quite upsetting to many of our residents who were showing support for loved ones, and for that we apologize.

We believe that we underestimated the significance and importance of these sign displays to our residents, and apologize if our actions appeared to be insensitive and uncaring. Please understand that was not our intention. We were simply trying to discharge our responsibility of covenant enforcement to the best of our ability.  We now believe that taking a pause on enforcing this particular covenant is necessary during this unprecedented time.  Moving forward, we will not be sending notification letters for sign displays in homeowner’s yards which relate to Covid-19 and its impact on individuals through the end of August, at which time we will reassess the situation. Other signs, including contractor signs and political signs outside of the election period, will continue to receive notification letters.  Please accept our sincere regret for any distress our actions may have caused you.  If you have received a notification letter in the mail for a Covid-19 related sign, please disregard it.

Thank you

GHPOA Board of Directors