Voting for Amendment Issue Ends

Voting for the amendment to the GHPOA Declaration of Restrictions ended on Oct 31,2020.

The amendment was to add language to the Declaration which would clarify the proper procedures for changing the Declaration in the future. Specifically, the amendment would have lowered the percentage of votes necessary to make any changes to our Declaration which was adopted in 1979, and has become outdated. Any change currently requires 75% of the membership to approve. With a community of 2380 residents, this would be approval from 1785 residents.   The Board proposed this amendment in an effort to allow the community to be able to achieve having updated and relevant governing documents. These would provide a more conducive environment to protect the value of our community.

Unfortunately, the measure failed.  The final vote on this amendment was 772 in favor to 311 opposed, far short of the 1785 votes required.  We believe there were a number of reasons why this amendment was not sufficiently supported by our residents, many having to do with incorrect interpretations of the goal of the effort, despite the Board’s best efforts to provide correct information. This in turn created inaccurate messaging on social media which greatly hurt the effort. The Board will continue to look for ways to try to update our governing documents in an effort to fulfill our responsibility of protecting and enhancing property values.