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Dog Bites Increasing in GHPOA Communities…

An Important Safety Reminder from Geist Patrol!
Over the past several months, there has been an increase in dog bites in GHPOA communities. Indianapolis and Fishers law states that pets are not allowed to roam free at any time, including when accompanying their owners on walks. When walking, your pet must be on a leash and under your control at all times. Pets in your yard must be confined (fence, chain, etc.). Geist Patrol will continue to work with local law enforcement and animal control to enforce this law to ensure the safety of residents walking in GHPOA communities.


Located at the corner of Fox and Oaklandon Roads, a local company purchased this property. Part of the oversized parking lot has been subdivided and a new shopping strip will be built. We have been advised that negotiations are underway for the leasing of the existing vacant building and for future tenants of the new shopping strip. It is anticipated that leases will be signed in 2024.

Golf Cart Safety Reminder

Driving Golf Carts on GHPOA Streets!

An Important Safety Reminder from Geist Patrol…

We have had reports of children driving golf carts on GHPOA streets; – speeding, drag racing, driving after sunset with no lights, and one incident where a golf cart tipped over while turning a corner. 

Geist Patrol reminds us of the following laws which apply to golf carts being driven on our public streets:

Indianapolis – Only those individuals holding a valid driver’s license may operate a golf cart on the public streets in GHPOA. Golf Carts are treated like any other vehicle and must be equipped with proper safety and lighting equipment. Golf carts must also be registered and insured as required by Indiana law.

Fishers – The use and operation of golf carts is governed by Fishers City Ordinance No. 090214D, which authorizes golf carts to be operated on select neighborhood streets. This authorization DOES NOT include any streets in GHPOA and, therefore, the operation of golf carts on GHPOA streets is prohibited by law. 

City of Lawrence – Only those individuals holding a valid driver’s license may operate a golf cart on the public streets in GHPOA. Golf Carts are treated like any other vehicle and must be equipped with proper safety and lighting equipment. Golf carts must also be registered and insured as required by Indiana law.

In the interest of public safety, if you observe any violation pertaining to the use or operation of golf carts on GHPOA public streets, please report such activity to Geist Patrol at (317) 842-8082.

Safety Reminder from Geist Patrol…

Safety Reminder from Geist Patrol…

Don’t be a victim of a crime of opportunity!

Please park all vehicles in your garage if possible. If you must park a vehicle in your driveway, please lock your vehicle and leave on all exterior home lights; plus, remove all valuables from your vehicle, including items stored in your glove box.

Before you post on social media, please contact Geist Patrol at 317-842-8082 to report any suspicious person, vehicle or activity.

2020 “Deck the Homes” Winners

GHPOA is pleased to announce the winners of our 2020 “Deck the Homes” contest. Our judge, Admirals Bay resident Brenda Fraser who is the owner of Dragonflies and Bows, drove by each home twice and evaluated each entry on the basis of creativity, use of holiday lights and use of holiday decorations. The quality of the submitted photo was not judged. And the winners are:

Grand Prize: The Schuller Family of Admirals Pointe
1st Prize: The Halbach Family of Feather Cove I
2nd Prize: The Saxton Family of Admirals Bay
3rd Prize: The McGuire Family of Feather Cove I
We also wish to acknowledge with grateful appreciation the prizes donated by Estes Design (GHPOA sailboat mailbox), and gift certificates from Charleston’s Restaurant and Wolfies at Geist.

The goal of the contest is to foster a sense of community pride and share the holiday spirit. We are pleased to report that the contest has grown in popularity each year. In addition, we thank each of our residents who participated and contributed to the success of this community-wide event.

Yard Signs

As you may know, the GHPOA governing documents include a covenant stating that signs or advertisements cannot be displayed on any lot in the development. Political signs are an exception to this rule, and their use is governed by State statute.  

Earlier this Spring, due to Covid-19, residents expressed a desire to be able to display signage related to the pandemic including health care worker support and recognition for students who were graduating without the usual ceremony. In response, and in an effort to be sensitive to the significance and importance of these signs to residents, the GHPOA Board paused the enforcement of signage which relates to Covid-19 and its impact on individuals through the end of August. Contractor signs were still not permitted to be displayed. This suspension period will soon expire, and the Board has voted to reinstate our usual enforcement for yard signs, effective Sept 1. We hope that the break from sign enforcement has provided your family with an opportunity to express meaningful support for topics of importance during this unusual time.

Thank you.

GHPOA Board of Directors

GHPOA Garage Sale

GHPOA is pleased to announce the dates for our annual Garage Sale. This event has been rescheduled from the usual June date. The event will be held on Friday and Saturday, Sept 18 and 19, from 8am-4pm. Signage will be placed in all 12 of our neighborhoods advertising the event, and a newspaper ad will be placed in the Indianapolis Star. All residents are invited to participate in their individual neighborhoods, and it is suggested that Covid-19 guidelines be followed. This has always been a popular event in GHPOA with good participation. We hope that residents find this to be a welcome opportunity to clean out closets and garages and sell some unwanted items.

July 4th – GHPOA Independence Day American Flag Display

GHPOA wishes to thank Patrick Tumbarello, Admirals Sound resident who serves our nation in the Indiana National Guard and is an F. C. Tucker Broker/Realtor, for his generous Gold Sponsor donation of $1,000 which is enabling us to display approximately 600 American flags in honor of our 244th Independence Day.  Flags will be displayed at all GHPOA entrances.