GHPOA Dues Payment Deadline is March 1st

GHPOA Dues Payment Deadline is March 1st.  Please read announcement for information on credit/debit card fees.

Annual dues statements are mailed in January to each homeowner.  GHPOA dues are $475.00 per year.  To avoid a late fee, dues must be paid prior to March 1st.

To pay by debit or credit card you must login to TownSq.  To get to the TownSq website click here.  

When you use a debit or credit card for retail purchases, the bank or credit card company charges the retail merchant a fee for the use of your card.  Retailers do not show this fee on your invoice; but, it is included with your total bill.  GHPOA has no control over these fees and our budget is based upon $475 in revenue from each property owner.  If you wish to avoid these fees, please mail a check.  Please review the following fee structure:  

To pay by Epay, a fee of $2.95 is charged.  To pay by credit card, the fee is $2.95 plus 3.5% of your bill.  To avoid these fees, please mail your check to the address shown on your invoice.