Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities!

There are numerous ways to volunteer to serve your community:

Developmental Control Committee

The only committee established by our governing documents, this committee is charged with reviewing any proposed exterior change homes or lots within GHPOA.   This review and approval process are required to ensure that the exterior appearance homes and lots within our community conform to the guidelines established in our governing documents.  Each year committee members review and evaluate hundreds of applications submitted by our property owners.

Grounds Committee

Working with our landscaping contractor, this committee is responsible for the appearance of all our entrances (approximately 65) and for maintaining all our common areas.  This committee also prepares an RFQ (Request for Quote) and reviews responses from all landscaping companies prior to the Board entering into a contract for services.

Infrastructure Committee

The goal is this committee is to work with local government to improve the condition of our roads and sidewalks and other city-owned assets.  In addition, the committee seeks to obtain local government support for projects that would improve the quality of life for our residents and the desirability of our communities.   These projects include, but are not limited to, parks, walking/jogging paths, bike paths and trails.

Security Committee

 Partnering with Geist Patrol, this committee meets monthly to review Geist Patrol’s monthly activity and reviews suggestions on how to improve security within our twelve communities.  In addition, the committee works to promote excellent communication and cooperation between Geist Patrol, the Board and our property owners.

Social Committee

The goal of this committee is to foster a sense of community pride and spirit within GHPOA.  This committee, with the support of the Board, sponsors our annual “GHPOA Community Social” which provides entertainment for both children and adults.  Volunteers are needed to assist for two hours at the event and collect door prizes from local merchants.  In addition, GHPOA participates at Geist Chapel’s Annual “Trunk or Treat” Halloween Event where candy is given to the children and pictures are taken and sponsors an annual “Deck the Homes” exterior holiday decorating contest.   In addition, individual GHPOA neighborhoods also hold events (such as Easter Egg Hunts, July 4th Celebrations, Halloween Parades, etc.).

Interested in exploring volunteering opportunities?  Please contact any GHPOA Board Member.  Contact information for all Board Members is located under the “Contact Us’” tab on this web site.