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Requirements for GHPOA Mailboxes

Important Reminder:  GHPOA guidelines prohibit the installation of any non-metal mailbox (such as plastic, wood, etc.)  The only approved color for a GHPOA mailbox and post is black, and only a T3 metal mailbox is approved for installation within our community.  

Please note that you must complete a Development Control Application for any non-standard mailbox.  That application is located under the Developmental Control tab of this web site.  

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see ordering information for approved mailboxes.    

The only color approved for replacement or new GHPOA mailboxes is black. Certain materials & designs are prohibited.  There are specific requirements for type size and font.  Please read the Mailbox Guidelines and Maintenance Requirements for complete information.

Geist Harbours Mailbox Guidelines and Maintenance Requirements GHPOA Board Approved November 15, 2010 Revised 3/23/2012

In accordance with the Declarations of Restrictions of Geist Harbours, dated May 11, 1981 (“the Covenants”), the Geist Harbours Property Owners Association Board of Directors (“Board”) on November 15, 2010, ratified the mailbox standards listed below in order to preserve and enhance property values of the neighborhoods, and to promote the welfare of the members of the Association. These standards were adopted to update and clarify the Covenant restrictions of Section 3 C, which grants the Geist Harbours Development Control Committee (the “Committee”) the authority to approve the “size, location, height, composition and location of any mailbox before it is installed.” An aluminum cast sailboat logo mailbox was adopted in 2005, and continues to be recommended by the Board; however, to allow for flexibility and homeowner choice, the following mailbox guidelines have been adopted. These mailbox standards, as directed by the Board to the Committee, are to be implemented and enforced by the Association as follows:

1. Standard Mailbox Guidelines: For any new mailbox installation or replacement within Geist Harbours neighborhoods made after January 1, 2011 (“Effective Date”), the following standards are required: a. Mailbox Type: USPS standard T3 (approximately 2-1/2” x 8” x 11-1/2”) metal mailbox. b. Post: Minimum 4” x 4” cedar or other treated wood, or an aluminum post. c. Color: Mailbox, post, newspaper box, and any finial treatments must be black. d. Lettering: White lettering in “Richard Murray” font typeface, 2 ½ inches in height for the street and 3 inches in height for the numbers. e. USPS Compliant: The height, location, setback and other specifications not outlined herein must meet the Residential Mailbox Standards as outlined by the USPS. 

2. Development Control Application Required For Non-Standard Box Installations: Exceptions to the mailbox, post, color, composition or lettering guidelines will require the pre-approval of the Committee. The desire of the Board and Committee is to have mailbox consistency to enhance the appearance and property values of the neighborhoods, so non-Standard Mailboxes may not be approved by the Committee if the Committee determines the design to be contrary to the architectural design standards of the neighborhoods or that of other Standard Mailboxes. 

3. Temporary Decorations: Other than seasonal or temporary holiday décor, no other stenciling, advertisements, or signage may be placed on the Standard Mailbox or its pole per the USPS Residential Mailbox Standards. 

4. Multiple Mailboxes: Where appropriate, use of dual or multiple cluster box units to save money and reduce mailbox clutter is encouraged. In these cases, the addresses should be on the door (white lettering, one inch in height, “Richard Murray” font) with the street name on the outside mailboxes. 

5. Prohibited Mailbox Designs: The following mailboxes and components are not permitted to be installed in GHPOA neighborhoods and will not be approved by the Committee: a. Non-standardized specialty box designs, for example but not limited to heavy metal security boxes, football helmet, barn, fish, or fiberglass with flowers or other printing or logos on it – note that these designs have never been approved by the Committee. Specialty poles using, for example, but not limited to, bikes, tires, fire plugs, telephone poles, steel beams, planters, barrels, or other pole designs that generally function as something else. b. Rubber or plastic posts. c. No non-metal boxes, for example but not limited to wood, plastic, rubber, vinyl, copper, or fiberglass boxes. d. Mailboxes smaller than the recommended T3 boxes. 

6. Required Mailbox Maintenance: At all times a mailbox must be in good working order and appearance, and meet the following specifications: a. Mailbox appropriately painted, not dented, rusting or peeling, b. Mailbox door and flags operational, not bent or off hinges, and in good repair, c. Address lettering legible and in good repair, d. Post must be straight and not leaning more than 10 degrees in any direction, e. Post cannot be cracked (defined as a crack being more than ½” wide), bent or broken, f. Attached newspaper boxes must be straight, not bent, and painted without identifying another company, with only one newspaper box allowed for each mailbox, g. A mailbox must be appropriately secured to the pole without using tape, rope, cords, or other temporary supports, and h. Masonry mailboxes may not be spauling, cracked or have mortar, brick, or stone deterioration. 

7. Inspections: As allowed by the Covenants and as part of the routine inspection process, the Association may send notices to homeowners directing them to repair or replace their existing mailbox or post. 

8. Mailbox Vendor(s): The mailbox vendor(s) offering Board pre-approved mailboxes and repair services will be identified on the GHPOA website ( and available from the management company upon request. Pre-approved mailboxes do not require Committee approval. The Board reserves the right to update this list of mailbox vendor(s) from time to time. 

9. Prior Action: The September 20, 2010 mailbox resolution is rescinded and replaced by this one.

GHPOA Approved Mailbox Styles

While we encourage you to install one of these approved mailboxes, you may install your own similar style, as long as your mailbox adheres to our design, color and lettering guidelines.  

Important Reminder:  Only a T3 black metal mailbox is approved for installaton within GHPOA.  Pictured are both styles of mailboxes approved by GHPOA. These may be purchased through Estes Designs.  In addition, you may also install your own black metal or wooden pole and just order the mailbox with approved lettering; or, you may install your own black pole and metal mailbox and just purchase the approved lettering.  You may contact them through their web site or by phoning 317-899-5556